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Seagrove is in the Piedmont of North Carolina forty miles south of Greensboro.  The area of Seagrove was settled in the 1770’s by German and English potters because of the abundant earthenware and stoneware clays.  During the 1800’s wood fired, salt, and alkaline glazed functional pottery provided extra income for many farm families in the area.  Six of these families started and maintained the pottery industry through the 1800’s and 1900’s, making thousands of crocks, churns, jugs, and storage jars each year.  Several of these families still have descendants making pottery today.  Always a pottery center, today Seagrove is the largest accumulation of artist working in a single medium anywhere in America.  There are over 100 potters living and working within fifty square miles. Seagrove has more than sixty galleries and shops where you can buy work, visit with the potters, take a studio tour, or maybe try your hand at making a pot.   The North Carolina Pottery Center is a wonderful educational facility providing historic displays, rotating exhibitions, and samples of the area potters. For more information about upcoming events in Seagrove and links to many of the Seagrove Potters go to:



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